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Crush Fitness, established in 2013, is located at 55 Enterprise Court #6 in Napa. Our gym is home to athletes looking to change their daily routines, meet new friends, and build physical and mental confidence while becoming a more functional mover. We are an all inclusive gym and welcome ANY and EVERYONE, Crush Fitness offers options for everyone, including: group CrossFit classes, personal training, the “Better Back” program, and mobility and strength classes. These classes all provide one-on-one coaching, a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, and the tools to build a healthier, more functional life.

So what is CrossFit? CrossFit is functional fitness. Functional Fitness trains your body to help you perform everyday activities safely and efficiently—like picking up your kids, bringing in groceries from the car, or lifting a heavy bag of pet food. Crush Fitness’ coaches are highly qualified and experienced and maintain trainer certifications. They focus on technique and safety throughout each exercise our athletes perform, so you’ll have the skills to transfer everything you learn in class to your everyday life.


“I use to be scared to pick up a barbell, let alone do anything with one. After two months at Crush Fitness, I feel confident to train, I’m stronger, and I’m supported by great coaches in my journey of training for life. By far the best gym I have ever been to!”
-Belia Ramos, Napa Valley Supervisor


“Most people think you need to be in shape to join our gym, which is a misconception. Every one of us started somewhere, and providing an environment where our athletes feel confident and comfortable learning new movements is something we’re extremely proud of. Crush Fitness has become our athletes’ ‘happy places’ and their stress reliever, and we will continue to strive for that every day through our fun classes, excellent coaches, and wonderful community.”
-Owner, Ruben Perez


The environment you’ll find at Crush Fitness is unique to the Napa Valley. It’s one of encouragement, patience, friendliness, and perseverance. Our coaches will encourage you to try things you might not otherwise have the courage to try; we’ll always have patience as you build your confidence as an athlete; and the new friends you’ll meet during classes will always be there to welcome you and push you through any difficult challenge.

At Crush Fitness, we believe that functional fitness may not be for everyone, but it is for anyone.



We have the Best Coaches

Our expert staff of trainers will help maximize your work effort and Crush your fitness goals in no time!

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CrossFit 100%
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