Grand Opening

Hey guys!

Feels like I haven’t seen the Napa gym forever! Hope everyone is well and I appreciate all the help you have been giving me.  That St. Helena location is doing great! If you ever want to come WOD here, first one is FREE.

This weekend we will be having our Grand Opening that starts at 11.  The BBQ will be served from 11 on, the community WOD will be around 12 or so.  It will be a shorter WOD but it all depends on the amount of people we have show up.  This gym is a little smaller so we will run heats of 8-10.  We will have a sign up board with spots available.

This Saturday will be the deadline for the Early Bird sign up.  If you have friends or family that are interested, I would suggest they sign up!  We will be here to talk,