How to watch the games/ What to expect

The time has come to cheer Matt Cia on at the Games!

The link below tells you how to watch the games.  The games will be on CBS Sports this year and Facebook live.  Make sure to like CrossFit Games on Facebook.


So as of tonight, I will be leaving to Madison until Sunday.  On Monday, I will be opening our St. Helena location that Monday.  I will do my absolute best to be here as much as I can but I have an obligation to get St. Helena up and running.

I can’t thank you and the coaches enough for giving me the opportunity to do this and understanding it as well.  I hope you guys can help the coaches out as much as possible with new members coming in and also making everyone feel as part of our community.  If you have an concerns or questions don’t hesitate to text or email me.

I’m excited and really nervous as well.  I have put my all into this gym the past 4 years and am thankful for the opportunity you have all given me.  I am nervous because this is new and I have literally spent everyday here the past 4 years.  I am now putting this gym in the hands of you (the members) to help grow and keep the ship afloat.  I trust and am thankful for all of you.  Here is to new adventures.