Quick Reflection

As I sit here on the plane, it’s hard for me not to reflect on the opportunities that I have had.

5 years ago, I was in disarray, not truly knowing what I wanted to do in life. My baseball career was nonexistent, I was personal training somewhere I wasn’t happy at and I had a relationship I was no good in because I wasn’t happy with myself.

Working out in the gym one day, I saw my friend Ryan doing some crazy pull ups. I walked over to him and asked him what he was doing. He said CrossFit. He asked if I wanted to join him in a workout, so I did. After doing “Cindy” , I was hooked. I felt like I had found something that gave me my competitiveness back. I searched the web learning everything I could about CrossFit. Deondra had introduced me to CrossFit classes back in 2010 at CrossFit North Marin. I craved the atmosphere.  I scoured the web Searching movements, workouts and how to get better. For the next year or so I would train with the goal of getting better and making regionals.

Looking back now, and accomplishing some goals, I am happy I never reached some. Losses are as important as your victoreis. Flying to my second CFG as a coach, I am beyond blessed that I had fallen into this position. I had always thought I would be at the Games as a team athlete and not a coach. I can’t thank Matt and his pursuit of excellence for taking me along for the ride.

As we prep for the games, I know my job is to keep Matt on track, focused, and make sure he gives his best effort. I am there to reassure him that his preparation will take over on the field and be there when he needs someone to talk to.

Matt reassured me the other day why I look up to him and why he is one of my mentors. The other day Matt and I talked about business. How business relates strictly to community and making it the best out of everyone’s day. He really hit a nerve with me. Sometimes I had lost this concept and was focused on the petty things, like memberships and money. With small sacrifices here and there, the rest will pan out. Successful people are successful for a reason. I have been trying to provide you all recently with 100% effort during all classes. Giving each other you instruction and my effort. I will and our coaches will continue to do that. This will not waiver.

The funny thing is, those were and are all things we all need. They relate to sports and life. The analogy of life is a game is very true, but if you prepare for that game you will be ready to put forth your best effort, and you can’t be ashamed of that.

As I get ready to coach for 3 days and open a gym the day after I get back, I am beyond stressed and nervous.

Nervous of failure, nervous or letting my friends, family and clients down.

To the common eye, opening up a second location, looks like success and rainbows. But it’s hard. It’s hard putting trust in others hands, but as I look at my

Coaching staff, I can’t help but be proud. Each excel in different areas and each genuinely love being at the gym. I hope that is a direct reflection of me. Yes , at times I can be grumpy and yes at times I may seem mad, but the truth is, I am always trying to make my

Clients happy and have everyone experience what we offer at Crush.  The saying you can’t make everyone happy is true but I still try.  Sometimes the failure of doing that is my downfall. I want greatness and sometimes that is my demise. I will work on this, even if I’m not at the Napa location much over the next few months you will see this. I will do my best to build our community and build our programs.

To me , what bothers me the most is when others can’t experience it or won’t. Our community (you) is amazing. You push each other, joke, laugh, and all work harder than almost anyone I know.

I hope we can keep growing this together, weather that be inside or outside of the gym.